10 Dates Under $60

We like fancy dates but we like budget ones too. Dates where all you need to do is turn up to the location and have a great time. Check out our top 10 dates under $60 per person:

1. Bouldering Date Night

This is the all-inclusive date night. Not only do you get to test your strength and endurance by giving bouldering a crack, you get shoes, chalk, two drinks, and a pizza (or ice cream)! Don’t fret if you’ve never tried bouldering. You’ll get an intro demo and they’ve got paths of varying difficulty indicated by colour. Plus, you’ve got each other for support!

2. VR Gaming Thrills Experience

This is the future of date night. Pull a virtual world over your eyes before getting locked and loaded with your gaming gun to go up against otherworldly challenges, together! Will your relationship make it through a zombie apocalypse or being on a desert island? There’s only one way to find out...

3. Couples Karting Competition

Are you the couple that gets a tad too competitive while playing Mario Kart? Put down the controller and get your grip on the steering wheel at this couples karting competition. Your competitors won’t be Princess Peach and Bowser. You’ll be going up against other couples who are all putting the pedal to the metal to win some seriously tempting prizes.

4. Ninja Ropes Adventure

Gym couples, this one's for you. Find out if you can accomplish the ninja warrior challenge... As seen on TV! Flex your strength, balance, endurance and agility in an environment with exciting obstacles. It's definitely a nice change of scenery from the gym and packs a fiery workout as well.

5. Couples Sauna

Sometimes we just need some quality rest and relaxation. For those days, a relaxing session in an Infrared Sauna is the perfect date. Walk away feeling the benefits of pain reduction, enhanced creativity and improved sleep to be better for each other.

6. Whiskey Distillery Tour Tasting

Get up close and personal with the distilling process behind the scenes of a reputable urban distillery. Afterwards, you and your date will try four different whiskies from different style casks and maturation, with one being tapped straight from the barrel. Cheers!

7. Sherlock Holmes IRL Escape Room

Love to binge a good murder mystery together? Or a nail-biting heist movie? The escape rooms here will have you stepping into immersive worlds that are packed with intriguing riddles, clues and tests. Work together to use your brains, intuition and problem-solving skills to escape!

8. Kayak Hire

Chill out on the water, discover secret beaches and enjoy a day in the outdoors, together. For only a fifty, hit the water on a kayak and cruise around North Harbour. You’ll find blue coves, tucked away, glimmering in the sun, waiting for you to pull up and dip in!

9. Freshest Paint and Sip

This is the most lit paint and sip in Sydney. With the best of old school and fresh hip-hop and RNB blasting in the studio, you and your date will paint portraits of legends like Tupac and Biggie. With materials and equipment provided, all you need to do is BYO fave drinks and make it a party!  

10. Couples Axe Throwing

Sharpen up your date night repertoire with Kiss My Axe's Date Night package. You'll get two hours of hurling hatchets with a resident axe-pert who will lead you through the fundamentals of axe throwing. Follow it up with an adrenaline pumping challenge, with you and your bae competing with other couples to be crowned winner!