15 Dates for Special Occasions

Special occasions are always just around the corner. Lost for ideas? These are dates you can give as gifts or go on to celebrate your very special days, the way they deserve! This collection of thrilling, romantic and relaxing experiences has something for everyone and will create memories for a lifetime.

1. Hot and Intimate Wellness

Turn up the heat on your special occasion with this two-in-one infrared sauna and float therapy wellness experience. Feel free to turn your sauna sesh into a party by blasting your favourite tunes on their Bluetooth surround sound speakers. Afterwards, make your way to their highly concentrated Epson salt water baths and experience the peace of float therapy. Walk away feeling the benefits of pain relief, increased circulation, muscle relaxation, enhanced creativity and improved sleep!

2. Couples HULK SMASH!

The second-best stress relief method for couples 👀 Get a crate full of old crockery and your choice of smash implement (baseball bat, sledgehammer or golf club) before going ham in a demolition safe space. Head into the splash room afterwards and chuck paint at the wall. Gifting this experience to your partner says “babe, let’s get those feelz out!”

3. Cheesiest Date Ever!

This is the only cheesy date we will back 💯 Take your cheese game up a notch from cheap Woolies home brand brie to homemade bocconcini and burrata. They keep it boozy at this workshop with plenty of sparkly available for your drinking pleasure while learning the ins-and-outs of making gooey, oozy, creamy cheese from scratch.

4. Sail on Sydney Harbour

Sailing on Sydney Harbour is the ultimate gift for a special occasion. Sail on the divine Harbour waters with a private skipper. Laze around while dinner, bedding and breakfast are all covered for you. FYI the skipper jets off your yacht after it’s anchored so you to enjoy one-on-one time 😉

5. Romantic Ambient Lights: Turkish Mosaic Lamp Workshop

Romantic vibes at home start with ambient lighting. Gift this to your partner and make your very own Turkish Mosaic Lamps, the perfect ambient lights to get love pumping in the air. Over the course of this workshop, you’ll learn all about this 500-year-old craft and even get Turkish tea and cookies to sip and snack on while practicing this meditative art.

6. Martinis, Music and Moves: Salsa Dancing

Be warned, this isn’t like other Salsa dancing classes! Your instructor doubles as a mixologist, keeping you juiced up on mojitos, espresso martinis, margaritas or champagne. Loosen up together by gifting your Valentine this fiery, sensual and boozy date filled with passionate dancing.

7. Sky Dive Out of Your Comfort Zone

Help your partner check off a bucket list item. Gift them a tandem skydive and experience the thrill of falling from 10 000 ft above sea level. The best part about going skydiving together is being able to cheer each other on. “Go on, JUMP!”

8. Lovers Recharge Spa Package

Gift your partner a chance to unwind. Your divine 3-hour session will include access to all venue facilities including a steam room, sauna, plunge pool and hydrotherapy spa followed by an hour-long float and deluxe spa treatment. Celebrate your special occasion by spending time together and relaxing.  

9. Skipper a Boat With No License, Enjoy a Picnic on Water

Self-skipper an electric boat on Sydney Harbour’s surrounds. The best part is that you don’t need a boat license! These vessels are roomy enough to fit up to 8 guests (and a dog), so you can spend your special occasion with all of your homies. Pack a picnic and keep it cruisy.

10. Country Escape in the City: Wine Blending

Where there is wine there is love. That is why you should head to this winery in the city for special occasion— you’ll be keeping your celebrations of love local while getting the country experience. With the guidance of experts, you will blend your perfect red wine concoction whilst enjoying a cheese and charcuterie platter.  

11. Is Gin Ya Thing? Try Making Your Own!

Like a gin playground for your alcoholic inner child, Manly Spirits Co. Distillery is offering a new 2-hour gin making class. You and your loved one will take control of your own authentic mini copper still to produce a truly unique 700ml gin of your choice. Blend up your own gin and enjoy it on this special occasion!

12. Me and You Make Macarons

Macarons are a delightful French dessert— creamy ganache, sandwiched in two meringue cookies. A match made in heaven. Sound familiar? Spend your special occasion learning how to make them at this workshop before walking away with a whole box to enjoy, together. No cake necessary 😋

13. Get Down and Dirty at Wine and Clay

Like getting messy? This is the date night for you. Be guided by experts step-by-step as you and your partner get your hands dirty on the potter’s wheel, ignite fires in the kiln and glaze into each other's eyes. BYO your favourite bevvys as well!

14. Romantic Picnic in a Decked Out Igloo

Enjoy each other's company in a romantic picnic in an igloo. You read that right. Cozy up under an igloo style shelter in a space decked out with cushions and blankets to ensure your maximum comfort. Add on a grazing board or dessert box to make your special occasion truly special.