17 Fun Date Ideas for Couples

Are you and your partner stuck in a loop of binge-watching Netflix? Missing the spark in your relationship? These fun date ideas are guaranteed to bring a little spice back into your lives. Here's what Sydney has to offer.

Why is ‘date night’ so important?

When we’ve been in a relationship with our partners for a long time, it's easy to get complacent. Fun dates can do a lot for your relationship and your general mindset: 

  • Flirting with your partner: With the stresses of every day, we can forget to giggle, poke, and play with our partners. Your partner is your support network, but they’re also your playmate, and it’s important to remember that.
  • Getting out of the house: If you live with your partner, you might find yourselves hanging out at home because it’s easy. Making an effort to go out and get out of your comfort zone can seriously boost your happiness levels and bring you together.
  • De-stressing: You and your partner work hard and need an activity that distracts you from your worries. De-stressing can help you to avoid burnout, which will inevitably have a positive impact on your relationship.
  • An aphrodisiac: Your adrenaline levels can affect your attraction to your partner. Going for an adrenaline-boosting activity together can make you feel exhilarated, potentially leading to at home exhilaration...

17 Fun date ideas in Sydney

Let’s get to it. Here’s a list of fun and creative date ideas to make you and your partner feel closer than ever!

1. Master horseback riding

One of the most fun and romantic dates you can go on with your partner is horseback riding. You can have fun riding on the beach, followed by a bottle of wine at a beachfront restaurant, or go out into the wild and do a forest ride - perfect for active couples that love nature.

2. Get your blood pumping with rock climbing

Rock climbing isn't just for the pros. With indoor rock climbing, you and your partner can encourage each other and learn climbing techniques. You can then apply these techniques going outdoor rock climbing and get your adrenaline pumping on the cliffside!

Relationship experts say increased adrenaline from exercise and activities can increase your attraction to your partner. So, the more you push through your fears, the closer you'll become.

3. Shoot your shot with laser tag

Bring out your inner child with laser tag! This heart-pumping experience is a great way to have some light-hearted fun on a date while also getting those steps in. Chase each other around the arena, hide behind corners and obstacles and aim your guns at the targets. If you love a little bit of competition, a 1v1 game is for you.

4. Mix things up with a double date

A fun date night doesn’t have to be just between the two of you! Invite some mates or work colleagues on a double date to stimulate fresh conversation. Go to dinner together, enjoy a wine tasting or soak up some sun with a beach-side picnic. The options are endless.

5. Make shopping a game

Shopping is a fun way to spend time with your partner while running errands. 

You and your partner can go to the hardware store and have a scavenger hunt down the aisles, or go thrifting and compete over who can find the best items. 

6. Get cultured with food experiences

What better way to bond than over your appetite! Explore hidden gems in your area and try out different food trucks. You could even visit a local food festival to try the crowd favourites while you people watch and connect with your community. Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new cuisines is a delicious way to build new memories together.

7. Rage all day with axe throwing

This is a unique date idea for couples exploring new things. Get your frustrations out with an axe throwing date where you can compete with your partner to see who has the better aim and throwing arm. You can then reward each other for your hard work with a couple of drinks after your session.

8. Make a date bowl

To remind each other to go on regular date nights you can create a date bowl that houses all of your favourite fun date ideas in one place. Just take a bowl or jar you don’t need, write your favourite date ideas on small post-it notes and start filling it up!

Both you and your partner can fill the bowl with a date idea when you find a good one and you can watch the bowl fill to the brim with exciting future date possibilities.

Planning ahead of time can reduce stress when it comes to decision-making and help you focus on what's important: having fun!

9. Plan an indoor date

If you're on a budget but still want to have some fun, there's so much you can do with staying in. A movie marathon, a games night, or even a fun photo shoot with your partner can help you to feel closer without spending much or having to get a babysitter or dog minder for the night!

10. Get closer with golfing

Dates at golf courses are becoming trendier by the day! Have fun navigating 9-hole or 18-hole courses together while learning some new tricks. Enjoy the sun, bring some drinks and get that arm swinging!

11. Get extreme with bike rides

Rent bikes and go on an adventure in the wilderness. If you’re feeling courageous, try out some bike ramps or extreme mountain biking courses. Mountain biking gets your adrenaline pumping and washes you with endorphins. You’ll likely feel a little hungry afterwards so round off the date with a lunch at a local pub on the way home!

12. Learn something new together

If you’re looking to learn new skills while having a fun date with your partner, you can try couples' classes. A cooking class can help you improve your culinary skills while a dance class can spice things up and get you and your partner moving in different ways. If you take a dance class, you can explore musicality together and communicate through your bodies as you're led by the rhythms.

13. Get spooked with ghost tours

What’s the best way to win bonus points with your mystery and dark history-loving partner? A ghost tour! They're especially popular round Halloween along with terrifying mazes and themed attractions.

14. Fall on your face ice skating

You and your partner need fun things to do around the holidays to get you in the Christmas spirit. One of the best winter date ideas is ice skating — even if you’re rusty or a beginner, a fall or two can lighten the mood and give you something to laugh about later. You can ice skate all year round, too, as long as indoor ice rinks are in your area.

15. Get tipsy at painting classes

Let your creative juices flow with a tipsy painting class. Paint in a scenic outdoor location or take a nude painting class together — whatever you choose, painting together is a great way to spend quality time, stimulate your brains and disconnect from your phones.

16. Get wet with aquatic adventures

If you and your partner love the open water, you might consider an underwater adventure experience. If you like swimming, you can opt for diving or cave swimming. Or, if you and your partner aren’t strong swimmers, you can pay for a sailing trip with dinner and drinks. Though a sailing trip might be a little pricey, it can make a memorable birthday or anniversary date!

17. Make your own time capsule

Write messages to your future selves, collect mementos and plan a date in the future to open your time capsule together. Time capsules can be incredibly romantic and can consciously help you practice gratitude in your relationship as well as remind you of all of the wonderful qualities that made you fall in love with your partner in the first place.

Plan the perfect fun date in Sydney

Date nights are essential to any thriving couple. Too often, couples forget to venture away from the ordinary and step into the unknown together. These fun date ideas can get your hearts racing or help you to work together as a couple and appreciate your surroundings. 

If you feel like spicing things up with a fun date, you can try a couple of these super fun date night ideas — or add them to your date bowl!

Wanna get things started? Why not check out some memorable experiences at Urban Swan? We believe in helping you to get the most out of life and helping you experience all the joy your relationship has to offer!