17 Romantic Date Ideas to Amaze Your Partner

Are you tired of the same old movie nights with your partner? Snuggling up on the sofa with a glass of wine and the latest blockbuster can be fun, but sometimes you need to spice things up and get out of your comfort zone.

All relationships can benefit from occasional spontaneous romance, so these ideas for couples to dial up the romance are perfect. It’s not easy to come up with a dazzling date when you’ve been together for a while, but this list of seventeen romantic date ideas can get you started. 

There’s something for all couples regardless of your interests, activity preference, and budget. Check them out below.

1. Boozy igloo picnic

There’s nothing more romantic than a summery picnic, especially one with a private view. Make that a picnic on Observatory Hill, and you have the recipe for the perfect romantic date in Sydney. 

However, the major downside to picnics is rain. That’s why this picnic comes with a private igloo, giving you the safety of an indoor picnic with the view and romance of an outdoor one.

Imagine wining and dining with your partner with luxurious blankets and cushions, crystal-cut wine glasses, and more. You can also splash out on extras like fresh rose petals, grazing boards, and dessert boxes filled with chocolates.

Rain or shine, delight your date with a boozy igloo picnic here.

2. Exciting feast with live music

Trying new foods together is one of the best ways to enjoy an intimate date night. It’s even better if it’s a cuisine neither of you has tried at a cosy, romantic restaurant. 

Eating out can be a sensual, romantic date night experience, but it’s pretty basic. Take it to the next level by choosing a restaurant with live music. This is one of the best indoor date ideas to try on a budget. 

Take Little Lagos, a Nigerian restaurant in Enmore, runs live R&B music on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. They also improve the standard cosy bistro date with candlelit tables and rose petals scattered across the tablecloth. Enjoy mouthwatering, rich dishes of spicy stews, black bean pastries, and fried plantain, all kicked off with refreshing cocktails on arrival.

Plan your date at Little Lagos here, or try the underground bar with flowing cocktails and delicious dumplings at Uncle Ming’s for a budget option.

3. Splash and snorkel together

For the adventurous couple, outdoor activity can be the perfect opportunity to bond. Eco Treasures offers an activity to go on a snorkel tour at Cabbage Tree Aquatic Reserve near Manly.

The tour gives you a glimpse of the magical world beneath the waves, including native species like the Blue Groper. Snorkel equipment is also provided, so you don’t need all the gear.

We hear what you’re saying - there’s no chance for an intimate chat when you’re underwater. However, the Eco Treasures tour concludes with a peaceful nature walk through the secluded headlands. It gives you some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of the city, perfect for a romantic stroll.

Book the underwater safari tour here.

4. Fanta-sea aquarium tour

Speaking of underwater, an aquarium allows you to experience ocean magic while staying completely dry. The SEA LIFE Sydney aquarium can give you the perfect date on a budget.

Take your time exploring the aquarium, with 1-day entry and the option to add extra experiences to make your day super special. Whether you embark on a penguin boat ride (penguins mate for life, so feel free to take some inspiration!) or wander through Shark Valley and watch as the lights from the tank dance on the floor, you’re bound to have a good time.

The admission also includes a Digi Photo Pass with unlimited photos, allowing you to capture and remember your date forever.

Book your day out here.

5. Picnic in the Botanic Gardens

Take a chance at the weather with a picnic in a stunning setting. The Royal Botanic Gardens provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic picnic.

However, you can go one step further in surprising your partner on this romantic picnic. Our botanical gardens experience includes a picnic box crafted by famous chef Luke Nguyen. From tender Wagyu beef brisket to flavour-packed spring rolls, this is a picnic like no other.

Prep some fun conversation starters with questions for couples, and share an intimate few hours with just the two of you.

Book your botanical picnic here.

6. Romantic as Renoir nude painting class

If you’re looking for quality time that’s a little more unique, why not delve into the world of art? Nothing to ignite the passion quite like viewing your partner’s body as an art form.

School of Art Nudes offers a two-and-a-half-hour course that teaches you and your partner how to work with paints to capture the human form, complete with a live model for you to paint. This couple's date night is certainly unlike many others, and it opens up the chance to explore your inner artist and learn to express yourself more freely.

The class works in small, intimate groups, with equipment provided. Book the experience for your next date night here.

7. Romantic pottery night

Get your Ghost on with a clay-making date night. Clayground (in Rosebery, NSW) offers a Date Night package on Saturdays, with a class specifically catering to couples looking for a unique date.

This one is perfect if you’re looking for romantic date ideas in Sydney. Clayground dims the lights, throws in some romantic tunes, and teaches you and your loved one the pottery basics to bond and create together.

By the end of the evening, you will have a finished piece that will be professionally finished and kiln-fired for you to take home. Bonus points if you make something sentimental that reminds you of your love for one another!

Book the date night pottery package here.

8. Horse ride through the valley

There’s at least one passionate, romantic horse riding scene in every period drama, so why not re-create that passion in real life? Horse riding is a fun and romantic date for animal lovers; you get to bond with a majestic creature as much as you do with each other.

Whether you are an equestrian expert or have never climbed into the saddle, you can enjoy a horseback tour with your loved one. 

One of our tours is in Hunter Valley, just north of Sydney. The romantic tour takes you on a canter through the wine region and sprawling farmland at a slow walking pace that lets you take it all in. 

Book your horseback tour here.

9. Sexy salsa dancing

You might think you’ve got two left feet, but a dance class can rectify that before you know it! Few romantic date ideas are more likely to ignite a spark in your relationship than a Latin dance class. 

Residents of Melbourne can get involved with an 8-week salsa course for beginners, giving you a chance to get together and spend one hour each week focused on nothing but each other. 

Expert teachers will give you personal instruction on the sequences and footwork required to master salsa, a dance that’s all about fiery passion and intimacy. What’s more, you can get your sweat on and get fit as you do it!

Book a spot on the course here

10. Overnight yacht stay

If a day trip is more your speed, then why not extend it to an overnight special? Sydney By Sail has many couples packages to help you spend some relaxing private time together, with a little something for everyone. 

For example, the Gold Package includes a two-hour private sail, dinner, and breakfast. Meanwhile, the Platinium Package includes a luxury Elan Impression 45.1 private yacht, a full gourmet dinner cruise, and breakfast on the harbour in the morning. An expert skipper will take you on tour, before leaving you to retire to your quarters in the evening.

In the colder months, the Winter Package is a great option, where blankets and delicious hot chocolate are provided.

So, pack your travel essentials and climb aboard with the Gold or Platinum package for your most romantic date yet!

11. Aphrodisiac chocolate and truffles workshop

Foodies can consider doing a cooking class together, learning how to express their feelings through a home-cooked meal. But if you’re seeking something different, the Chocolate and Truffles Workshop from Kimberley Chocolate is perfect.

Incorporating aphrodisiacs into your cooking class is a no-brainer if you’re looking for romantic date night ideas. This 2-in-1 workshop involves two aphrodisiacs, with truffles and chocolates considered to increase sexual desire.

Combine the two in this one-of-a-kind food workshop to get your heart beating faster. Book it here.

12. Explore the zoo

For a casual date and the chance to spend time together, why not head to the zoo? Animal lovers can enjoy a romantic stroll while they spend the day at one of Australia’s many zoos.

For example, Taronga Zoo lets you observe over 4000 wild animals worldwide, including 350 species. Meanwhile, a day pass at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo also gives you a Digi Photo Pass to preserve your favourite memories from the day.

Book a romantic zoo date here.

13. Hot air ballooning

If you want to impress your partner, hot air ballooning is the obvious choice. Take your relationship above and beyond with a sunrise hot air balloon ride that gives you spectacular views of the Hunter Valley.

This package also includes a gourmet champagne breakfast and photos that will let you relive the memories forever and ever. 

Enjoy this serene tour of the wine country, guided by qualified pilots, as you and your loved one watch the sun come up over the landscape.

Book here today.

14. The pearl experience

Broken Bay Pearl Farm is the only pearl farm in Australia, so why not experience it? Located in Broken Bay on the calm waters of the Hawkesbury River, this pearl farm provides a key insight into the life cycle of a pearl and how it forms.

Enjoy a four-hour private cruise along the river, featuring a grazing platter to keep you occupied as you learn about oysters and pearls. You can also sample the local Sydney rock oysters (an aphrodisiac, by the way!) and learn how pearls are graded.

The Ultimate Experience provides access to the restricted pearl grading room, where you can get a hands-on impression of pearl grading. Then, you can select a pearl to take home out of the yearly harvest and receive a mother of Pearl Shell as a stunning souvenir.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime river cruise that’s romantic like no other. In a beautiful setting right by Spectacle Island, surrounded by glittering gems and gourmet food. Book it here for an exclusive deal.

15. Vineyard tour

The Hunter Valley is filled with sun-dappled vineyards, so it’s necessary to experience a wine tour on any romantic trip. Brokenwood is the best vineyard around for a romantic date, consistently listed as a 5-star winery and home to some of Australia’s most famous bottles.

Attend a 2-hour tour of the stunning vineyards and the behind-the-scenes process from farm to bottle. Then, sit down to sample a flight of Brokenwood’s best wines in a private tasting room before you sample a pre-release blend straight from the barrel.

Wine tasting does not get better than this, so book a tour here today.

16. SkyFeast dinner

For romantic date ideas in Sydney, SkyFeast is the perfect option. Sydney Tower’s revolving restaurant offers exceptional city views, and from a vantage point 250m above the ground, you can see right out to the Blue Mountains.

This is one of the best indoor date ideas for foodies or couples looking for a romantic evening together. A complimentary drink on arrival provides the gateway to an exceptional meal; you can choose from the house sparkling wine, red, white, or Byron Bay Premium Lager.

Then, let the chefs in the central kitchen treat you to a steady stream of dishes, including baked barramundi, grilled kangaroo with thyme, and Persian love cake. How romantic!

Book the experience here.

17. Bondi Beach sunset seafood dinner

No couple’s dating guide is complete without the addition of a romantic dinner by the coast. Fishmongers on Bondi Beach provides a romantic dating experience with the sun setting over the waves.

The exclusive Urban Swan experience offers a unique romantic night with fresh seafood. Devour the delicious platter of fresh, local oysters, seafood tacos, and a bottle of wine to share. 

Don’t miss out on this experience: book here.

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