Plan the perfect date according to your zodiac sign

What’s in a star sign? Actually, quite a lot. Knowing your partner’s sign means you can tap into what they enjoy, what sparks emotion and how to impress them! Take a read for Urban Swan’s date recommendations to impress your partner.

Aquarius Your Aquarius partner needs to be entertained, and isn’t afraid of trying new and curious things. A dinner date wont quite cut it with this sign, think quirky and fun to keep them on their toes. Aquarius’ will find the quirkiness and fun they seek at a virtual reality escape room where their science-fiction fantasies can come true. For a more hardcore date try a smash room where Aquarius’ can have fun destroying things in a safe space! Pisces Dating a Pisces can be dreamy, so try and make their dates dreamy too! Often, people with this sign have their heads in the clouds. They’re mysterious, creative, day-dreamers with a tendency for creating romantic fantasies. Make sure you’re always showing off your admiration with classic and thoughtful dates. Stargazing will satisfy a Pisces’ inner romantic and their dreamer! A more classic option would be to enjoy a luxury pop-up picnic.

Aries As the thrill-seekers of the zodiac, your Aries partner is fun and playful. So, their perfect date should be too! This fire sign is competitive, so they’ll love any date where there’s a challenge and someone to beat. Ramp it up even further with an adrenaline pumped date that lets your Aries burn some of that fiery energy. Satisfy an Aries’ inclination to war and their competitive spirit at axe-throwing where you get to hurl hatchets and then battle it out with the other participants! A more chill option (as in, cold water) is to go canyoning at Empress Canyon.

Taurus Your Taurus partner is a big foodie. While you don’t need to splash big cash, Taureans are pleasure-seekers and will be won-over if you’ve taken some time to find a classy, romantic restaurant, or cook their favourite meal together. Burrata and bocconcini making class with a side of bubbles would be right up a Taurus’ alley. If you want to indulge in some true classic romance, you need to catch dinner and a movie at a Bohemian Cinema.

Gemini Your Gemini date needs to be stimulated – so whatever you do, don’t let them get bored. You’ll need to expect deep chats... maybe even a healthy debate. Keep them occupied with a date where they’ll be able to learn and discuss things along the way. Group dates are perfect for Gemini’s as they thrive around new people and will love meeting your mates. Geminis will not get bored at a perfume making workshop where they get to lean about the history and science of perfumes before mixing their own fragrance. Another option is to get them shaking, stirring and most importantly, sipping cocktails made of native Australian botanicals at this class.

Cancer Cancer’s want to feel appreciated and connected to their partner, so keep it personal and romantic. They can be goofy and emotional, so turn on the old-school charm for your Cancer partner on a beach walk (they also love the water), or a home-cooked candlelit meal. A secluded island screams both romance and charm whilst also satisfying a water-lover's desires. Try kayaking to one in the middle of Sydney Harbour! If you’re aiming for a low-key type of date, spend an afternoon at Moore Park Golf swinging with a bottle of bubbly and a grazing board to enjoy. LeoA Leo loves any excuse to get dressed up and be the centre of attention, so go big or go home! Visit a brand-new restaurant or bar that’s the talk of the town. Your Leo will love the buzz of being somewhere they can show off! A behind-the-scenes tour of a distillery will give a Leo the special attention they seek. If you’re looking to level it up a notch and experience true luxury attention, sail on Sydney Harbour in a private yacht and be treated to the most decadent dinner, breakfast and bedding around.

VirgoVirgo’s are smart, passionate and perfectionists – so you might need a couple of date options up your sleeve for your Virgo to approve. Head somewhere that’s intellectually stimulating – a museum, or a botanical garden will please your nature-loving Virgo partner. Satisfy a bookish Virgo by taking them on a luxury picnic in the Botanic Gardens.  

LibraThe Libra in your life is woo-d by traditional, classic romance, and they have a fantastic sense of style so make sure you’re dressed to a tee to impress your Libra. Anywhere that your Libra can post on social media, or with a selfie-approved backdrop will make your partner swoon. There is nothing more Instagrammable than a glorious Sydney sunset. Libras would certainly enjoy the style and luxury of a sunset harbour cruise with fine-dining. If you’re looking for a daytime option, high-tea from the 36th level of the Shangri-La hotel will not disappoint.

ScorpioYour Scorpio partner needs all attention on them! They connect with you on a deeper level, so make sure your dates are relaxed and intimate, giving you a chance to bond and really get to know each other. Keep it one-on-one, distractions will make your Scorpio feel like your mind is elsewhere! Try a date night dinner below sea-level at Sydney Aquarium. On your way to your private dining experience surrounded by the aquatic world, get luxury transfer to your location to really feel the one-on-one vibe.

Sagittarius A Sagittarius can’t often be tied down, so if you’ve got one, you need to take them on adventures! Keep it fun, your Sag partner loves thrills and wants to try new things. Don’t be surprised if your date starts as an afternoon activity and ends up with a midnight bowling session, Sagittarians believe in go big or go home! Three words. Underwater. Scooter. Tour. How can you go bigger than that? Sagittarius’ will thoroughly enjoy this experience jam-packed with discovery and adventure. If they’re the type of Sagittarius looking to go faster not deeper try hyper-karting on state-of-the-art German-made RiMo electric karts.

Capricorn Capricorns are the work-hard, play-hard of the zodiac. They're smart, busy people – so you need to show your date is worth their precious time! Invest in planning something where they’ll feel respected and recognised – think hard-to-get theatre tickets or front-row sports seats. Once you’ve impressed them, they might even show their wild side with some late-night dancing or karaoke belters. An extreme aerobatic experience in a stunt plane is both exclusive and wild, giving a Sagittarius the best of both worlds. If they’re really looking to let their hair down try a bottomless brunch —eat, drink and party with views!