18 Top Dating Ideas in Sydney

Trying to come up with out-of-the-box, quirky date ideas is challenging. While your favourite dinner and drinks spots are a guaranteed good time, it’s exciting to shake things up now and then. From a day trip into the blue mountains to exploring Sydney’s Art Gallery of NSW, there’s no shortage of romantic date ideas in Sydney. Here’s how you can get started.

How to decide where to go on a date?

Whether it’s your first or fiftieth date, you want everything to go smoothly. And the pressure of picking an activity can be a little stressful. Should you splurge on something fun and adventurous, like a helicopter flight? Or opt for a cosy date that oozes romance, like a tour of the iconic Sydney Opera House? Deciding exactly where to go and what to do is ultimately up to you. Still, if there’s one thing you take away from this, it’s our date planning trifecta:

  1. Choose somewhere that will inspire good conversation.
  2. Pick an activity that you can both enjoy.
  3. Be spontaneous.

Sydney indoor date ideas:

Here are 9 date ideas that reshape the meaning of staying in(doors).

1. Go smashing together

Get your hearts pumping by smashing, slamming and breaking your way through plates, TVs, glasses, and more. You’ll get all the necessary safety gear and various weapons to smash and you can cool your adrenaline levels with a game of table tennis when you’re done.

2. Join a fluid art session

It’s time for a Ghosts moment. Level up from pottery classes and get your hands dirty with a creative and imaginative fluid art session. Try your hand at dripping paints over fluid teddy bears and collect your magical works of art just a few days after.

3. Enjoy a wellness retreat

The stresses of modern life take their toll on any relationship. Relax, and get close and personal with a couples wellness retreat. Start with a blissful float therapy session and boost intimacy in the romantic waters of heated salt pools. Follow up with a massage before enjoying each other’s company with a cosy sauna experience.

4. Smashing and splashing

Ready to destroy a load of inanimate, innocent objects and cover your partner in paint? This date night idea is as original as it gets. Get physical with some hammers and leave feeling super light-hearted and relaxed.

5. Unwind with a spa day

Rejuvenate together with a relaxing infrared sauna and float tank experience. Enjoy a romantic Sydney staycation at this beautiful spa near Rose Bay. There are few better ways to connect with your partner than in a state of blissful relaxation at an enjoyable spa day.

6. Get classy with a jungle-themed drink

Want to shake up the classic dinner and drinks date idea? Enjoy an indulgent night of feasting and drinking at this jungle-themed dining room and bar. Get bubbly with a glass of champagne, followed by your favourite of the bar’s famous cocktails and a delicious three-course meal.

7. Stretch your muscles bouldering

Take your relationship to new heights with a dating experience that’s for the more adventurous. Ditch the ropes and scale the walls with just some chalk and confidence at this funky bouldering gym in Sydney. Then kick back with a well-deserved pizza and beer.

8. Reveal your inner Viking

Try axe throwing if you’re looking for a fun indoor activity to impress. Let out your pent-up energy with two hours of throwing axes with the guided help of an axe-throwing expert. Follow up with a couples competition to see which team has the best Viking skills.

9. Eat unlimited sushi

There are few better ways to say “I love you” than with food. If you’re looking for a more traditional romantic date night in Sydney, try an all-you-can-eat sushi extravaganza. Mama Saan offers delicious grilled salmon, mentai prawns, wasabi vegetable sushi rolls, and a range of fresh house cocktails, sake, beer, and wines.

Sydney outdoor date ideas

Prefer to get outside with your partner? Here are 9 more date ideas to spice things up.

1. Romantic picnic on the water

A date in Sydney’s harbour is about as good as it gets. Enjoy the sun, serenity, and sights with the Sydney Opera House as a backdrop. Take to the water for floating romantic picnics on a self-skippered boat under the Sydney Harbour Bridge and go as far as Goat Island.

2. Cruise the harbour

Fancy cruising the harbour, Circular Quay, and even making it as far as Cockatoo Island? Helm a zippy red boat past Sydney’s most iconic landscapes with an expert guide at Sydney Harbour Cruises. If you’re an adventurous couple wanting to view Sydney from the best vantage point, this is ideal.

3. Reveal your golfing skills

If you’re keen to explore your talents beyond the mini golf course, why not step it up a notch at Moore Park golf course? Practise your skills with your partner for an hour while grazing on gourmet snacks and sipping elegant sparkling wine straight from the Hunter Valley’s top vineyards. Whether you’re a top golfer or new to the sport, it’s the perfect date opportunity.

4. Adventure through waterfalls

Get away from the Sydney CBD and adventure through rocks and waterfalls at Empress Canyon with your partner. A guided expert will take you through the rainforest and provide you with all the necessary equipment. You just need to pluck up the courage for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

5. Dive underwater

Are you an ocean baby? Take an underwater scooter tour with your partner beneath Sydney’s harbour. Navigate sea life through the Bronte and Coogee Aquatic Reserve. This adventure takes you and your loved one deep into the ocean to discover life beneath the surface and explore diverse aquatic environments.

6. Go kayaking

If you prefer to stay above the waterline, take a couples kayak tour throughout North Harbour and Darling Harbour. Get ready to explore secret beaches, soak up some Vitamin D and feel the salty sea breeze on your cheeks.

7.  Light up the waters

Take in beautiful Sydney at night with a paddle when the sun goes down. Enjoy the spectacular lights of the Sydney Observatory or the Sydney Tower from the harbour waters while you cruise in your own lit-up kayak. This mesmerising date experience is bound to leave a twinkle in your eye.

Plan the perfect date in Sydney

So there you have it, our top 18 dating ideas in Sydney to squash your decision paralysis and build fun, new memories with your partner. If you’re looking for further inspiration or want to browse all the dating experiences we have on offer, click this magic link for endless possibilities.