Marrickville Date Guide

Marrickville is quickly becoming a vibrant go-to destination for a night out in Sydney. Buzzing with food, art and culture, a visit to this eclectic suburb makes for a colourful date night. This is our guide:


Marrickville continues to be a major hub for Greek and Vietnamese migrants so it’s always worth popping into a traditional family-owned food place while in the area.  For a small bite, pick up a crispy, flaky, spinach and cheese spanakopita at the Hellenic Patisserie. Sweet tooths, they’ve got equally crisp Greek-style baklava too! For date night dinner, head to the Corinthian Rotisserie serving up plates of rotisserie cooked meats and other Greek food staples like dolmades and calamari.

Perfect for a low-key date pick-me-up, Marrickville Pork Roll has long been heralded as Sydney’s best spot for banh mi. For only 6 bucks, get a bread roll packed with crisp vegies and tender meat (pork is the classic). Chilli or no chilli? For a bigger bite, try Hello Auntie, a modern take on Vietnamese food by executive chef, Cuong Nguyen.  

For a date night dinner with some pleasant surprises make a booking at Pizza Madre, a deceptively low-key pizzeria with a highly curated, creative vegetarian menu that is reimagined weekly. Their unconventional menu produced with top notch ingredients has included servings like charcoal infused oil olives and pizza with a blue cream cheese base.  

Sips and Tunes

Marrickville is bubbling with smoky, intimate, shoe-box venues serving up exciting sips, bar bites and live music. They’re places you only find through a friend of a friend. Lazybones Lounge Restaurant & Bar, a stylish venue lit by three grand chandeliers, decorated with hypnotic paintings and quirky, antique objects, features live jazz acts 7 nights a week. It’s hip and moody vibe makes it a great spot for a romantic post-dinner beer, wine or, if you’re feeling as cool as the venue, a negroni.  

Gasoline Pony radiates a loveable DIY atmosphere with its lax mix n’ match décor and eclectic menu of bar food; from a Japanese pancake, okonomiyaki to a 4 cheese toastie. Definitely chill, it’s well suited for a casual craft beer, wine or cocktail as you cuddle up to enjoy local live music acts.

Make a Day Out of It

Turn your date night into a date day by booking in a unique and exciting experience. Learn to make bath bombs together at a 1.5 hour workshop that will provide you with all the skills you need to indulge each other in the exfoliating, aromatic and sensory joys of bath bombs and foot soaks.

In the mood to get messy? Head to an introductory, BYO pottery experience. In just 1-2 hours learn to shape elegant objects from slabs of clay using just a spinning wheel and the pressure of your hands. Active couples who want to prime their bodies for a night of bites and sips, head to BlocHaus. Explore different climbing routes of varying difficulty to test your strength and endurance. Going together means you’ll have someone to cheer you on!