5 Indulgent Spa Getaways for Couples in Sydney

Couples spa packages allow you to relax and unwind with your partner in luxurious surroundings. If you’ve never experienced a spa trip together, it’s time to add it to your bucket list.

Hundreds of beautiful spas in and around Sydney offer exclusive deals for couples looking for their next date idea. If you’re ready to book your next couples experience, you’ve come to the right place.

What are the benefits of a couples massage? 

Treating you and your partner to a pamper session at a couple's day spa has many benefits. A spa is designed for relaxing and rejuvenating the body and mind and can create an even stronger bond between a couple, all while spending quality time together. By enjoying a body massage, facial treatment, or scalp massage, you’ll release feel-good hormones that melt the week's stress away. 

While you might incorporate a relaxation massage into your routine, getting body treatments from licensed massage professionals is special. Read on to see where to treat yourself to a spa day with your partner. 

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What sort of massage therapy is best for couples?

Hundreds of massages are available to couples, and you might be unsure which option to choose as part of your couple's spa package. Here's our favourite selection for new and experienced couples. 

Massage and facial

A standard massage followed by a facial is fantastic for promoting healthy skin while relaxing tense facial muscles. Do this with your partner to feel rejuvenated after a long week. 

Facials help to: 

  • Promote anti-aging and slow down wrinkling. 
  • Release sinus pressure. 
  • Reduce the appearance of acne.
  • Improve facial blood flow.

Oil massage

A hot oil massage helps the body fall into a state of deep relaxation by softening the muscles and improving circulation. It can also be used as pain relief to reduce cellulite's appearance and improve mood. Do this with your partner for an indulgent spa experience.

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massage reduces anxiety and stress, decreases muscle tension, and relieves pain. The wonderful smells from aromatherapy also reduce depression, help control inflammation and remove headaches.

Aromatherapy might be your best option if you or your partner suffer from muscle tension and migraines. 

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Remedial massage

Designed to stimulate blood flow, improve joint mobility, and repair damaged tissues, a remedial massage is perfect for couples with sore muscles. During the massage, the therapist will balance the tone and tension of your muscles and tendons using professional techniques to position the bones better and heal injuries.

If you and your partner are very active and often suffer from muscle tension, a remedial massage would be perfect for you. 

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Some things to remember

Whether you and your partner get massages every week or are looking to get one together for the first time, there are some important things to remember before you arrive for your treatment. Keep these things in mind to maintain a respectful and comfortable environment for both you and your massage therapist.

  • Wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothes. This will improve your overall experience and to keep you relaxed from start to finish. 
  • Wear the cover-up provided, such as a towel or robe.
  • Arrive to your appointment on time.
  • Follow the instructions of the massage therapist at all times.

Top five couples massages in Sydney

Before we go through the best couples' experiences in and around Sydney, let’s look at the best spas in the area. Sydney is home to many luxurious spas perfect for couples, offering unique services at different price points, many of which can be booked at a competitive price through Urban Swan. 

These include:

  • Sol Spa Vaucluse.
  • Montra Spa. 
  • Venustus Beauty. 
  • The Darling Spa. 
  • Chi, The Spa. 
  • Crown Street Spa.
  • Endota Spa.
  • Orchard Spa. 
  • Gillian Adams Salon and Spa. 
  • Venustus beauty.
  • SpaQ Sydney.
  • Balmain bath house.

If you’re looking for massages in Sydney for you and your partner, our top day spa packages are guaranteed to give you an unforgettable experience. 

1. Couples complete wellness experience 

Experience a three-part rest day with your partner for the ultimate spa experience. Relax during an infrared sauna session, float therapy, and massage appointment. This spa experience is designed to boost relationship intimacy through blissful sensory deprivation and an Epsom salt pool.

Location: Glebe, Eastern Suburbs

What’s included: 

  • 45-minute infrared sauna session.
  • 60-minute float therapy session in an Epsom salt water pool heated to your body temperature, followed by a massage of your choice.
  • 45-minute individual massage therapy.
  • Towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, showers and toiletries provided.
  • Robes and slippers provided.

Price: $144 per person. Book here.

2. Blissful float and massage session 

Experience weightless relaxation followed by a massage with this Urban Swan exclusive deal.

The float session is designed to clear your head and reinvigorate your body and is followed by a full-body massage to alleviate muscle tension and pain. 

Experience complete and utter bliss with this float and massage session.

Location: Oxford St, Bondi Junction, Sydney CBD

What’s included: 

  • A float session and a full-body remedial massage.
  • 1 hour per service, used in the order that suits you.
  • The chance to relax, relieve muscle tension and relax your mind.

Price: $130 per person. Book here.

3. Luxurious massage and spa session

This is the ultimate sensory experience. Experience a full-body massage in your private chamber and an exfoliating facial to leave your and your partner’s skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. You’ll have access to all of the luxurious facilities at this centre while enjoying a sumptuous Thai tea and snack at the end of your experience.

Location: O'Connell St, Sydney NSW

What’s included: 

  • A 45-minute full-body massage and facials.
  • A 30-minute rejuvenating facial or foot bath. 
  • Fully-equipped spa facilities you and your partner can enjoy, including a steam room, spa, and heated swimming pool.
  • A complimentary Thai tea and snack.

Price: $125 per person. Book your rejuvenating spa day here

4. Couples Hammam package

Immerse yourself in Turkish traditions with access to a Hammam - a Turkish steam bath. During your stay, you and your partner will both experience a hot stone massage complete with an exfoliating olive oil soap wash. You'll finish with a rose soap wash in a body bubble bath for a relaxing spa day experience. 

Leave this spa session feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Location: Wellington Rd, South Granville

What’s included: 

  • You and your partner will enjoy a 2-hour massage and exfoliation treatment, including hot stone massage, exfoliation, and body wash.
  • Enjoy the traditions of the Turkish steam bath or Hammam.
  • Completely relax and unwind as a couple in this luxurious and romantic environment.

Price: $170. Book your Turkish massage here

5. Date night pack (3 in 1)

This exclusive package includes three exquisite experiences, specially curated to nurture your relationship and enhance your well-being as a couple, to be enjoyed in any order you desire and on your own time. Experiences include a luxurious massage and spa session, a couples float and sauna combo and Himalayan salt cave therapy.

Location: Multiple Venues Across Sydney

What’s included: 

  • An exclusive Urban Swan deal with 3 experiences in 1 bundle.

Price: $240. Book your ultimate spa package with this exclusive deal here.

Plan the ultimate spa date in Sydney

We often forget to slow down and spend time with one another, and a spa setting is a perfect place to do this. Whether you’re interested in a quick 2-hour session or a full-day experience, Urban Swan provides couples spa experiences in and around Sydney at fantastic prices. Ready for your next couples experience? Check out Urban Swan experiences today!